President Trump, a Novel by Harvey Simon

    Will a Trump administration ruin the country?
    A new novel—President Trump, by Harvey Simon—is a realistic look at what's ahead for the nation. 
    President Trump is told from the perspective of everyday people who experience the new administration’s policies firsthand—and from the president’s own vantage point.
    A Latino family sees its solid, middle-class existence torn apart when the administration’s new Deportation Force begins rounding up illegal aliens for deportation.
    At Roosevelt High School, in Los Angeles, a social studies teacher  draws parallels in his class between Nazi Germany and Trump’s America. Meanwhile he sees more and more empty seats in his classroom and becomes a anti-Trump activist.
   For a white nationalist, the President Trump's policies are the answers to his prayers, though an associate holds out because the administration does not also support their goal of establishing the Fourth Reich in America.
    President Trump’s ban on most Muslims entering the country opens the door for attacks on Mosques, Muslim-owned businesses and individuals. A young Texas couple, both adamant Trump supporters, witness this hatred first hand, each coming to terms with it in their own way. Also in Texas, a Muslim couple gets swept up in the wave of hatred.   
    Meanwhile, in Washington, the president tries to make a deal with Europe—a NATO member is facing Russian aggression—that threatens to turn that historic alliance on its head. But first Trump must face down a Washington Post newspaper reporter, and the paper’s owner, who are about to run a story that threatens to scuttle the deal.

Harvey Simon has written for The Los Angels Times, The Boston Globe and The Huffington Post. He is a former Harvard University National Security Analyst.